Friday, June 30, 2006



She couldn't speak Japanese so we should communicate in English. This time I learned how to communicate .
Third, teacher change by subjects. Teacher have own special subject of sutudy and usually they teach it. But sometimes they teach othersubject. My English teacher also taught me science and home economics and art and music!Beacause my school was very small and teacher are also short.
Finally, we have a club activity.Of course elementary school have but not so often(once a week).
We do that one or two hours after school.
(3)Own memory of juniorhigh school
I liked juniour high school.Because I could challenge manythings and teachers gave me a lot of chances.For example I wrote a play book for annual school festival and casting wasalso we decided. Thanks to did it,I never forgot the play and I found the pleasure of writing.I think Junior high school teacher made my independence of mind through all activities in school.

About Japanese junior high school

I will discribe about junior high school using three point of view.
(1)System of junior high school
Junior high school students study at school for three years. School start in April and first term is April to july. Second term is August to December and third term is January to March.Some schools are as same as Japanese university system(first term is April to September and second term is October to March.).
In Iwate prefecture public school is major and students are decided school by each education organ.However in Tokyo private school is major.This difference based on percentage of go on to highschool. In Iwate there are no difference between public and private but,in Tokyo private school is better . These days number of students who go cram school are increase especially in city.I think it is something wrong . I will talk about this later.

(2)Difference between elementary school and junior high school
I think there are four big differences and these are own feelings when I became a junior high school student.
First , everyone has school uniform. I liked it because I could feel like I become adult( of course only appearance). There are many opinion about school uniform in a point of individuality but,it make student to have a self consciousness ,member of a group.
Second, we start leaning English. My junior high school ALT had a class once a week and she tried a lot of things. We made charamel pop corn with her and we taught her how to make hyuuzumoti,our traditional foods.

Sunday, July 31, 2005


How I change about my ideal teacher

After the class a little change in my mind about ideal teacher. At first I wrote about my junior high school teacher. That is true but I became think more detail of what (how ) him did the class. I didn't know the methods of teaching English before I take this class. Though the class I realized my teacher did like a readers theater . we memorized the text and play. That was fun and thatnks to that I could memorize some phrases.
Enjoy is key word to learn. It sound easy but during this class I learned it is very difficult. To make students enjoy the class, teachers should consider detail of the lesson plan and should see the whole class. I could'nt change my lesson plan along with the student's reaction. That's why , now, my ideal teacher is who are can controle the class naturaly and can make student happy.There are many teaching methods .If teacher improvement the class, there would be new methods. I want to be a cheerful and thoughtful teacher.

Friday, July 01, 2005


About team Y's lesson

Team Y's lesson was very good .Espesialy I liked way of practice new words. It was first time to do that in this class. I think it is very important to understand what each new words mean .Team Y explain meaning of new words by using Japanese. And more they using papers which was written the words in English and Japanese.It seemed make students understand the words easily. Replaying short play was also good point. They showed the play at first,then they explained about the new words. After that they showed the short play again and they said that please think what we say.This comment was very good because thanks to do that students can review the lesson and can check whether they understand the words.
Game was also interesting. Group work was good for memorizasion because they can hear same phrase many times.
One point would be improved. It is to write the phrases on black board or somewhere.It seemed a little difficult to understand what they ask during the practice. Of course they have a text book,but if students see the text book they wouldn't see teachers. To concentrait the class we should use black board effectively.
These are my reflection about team Y's lesson.They did a good job!

Sunday, June 19, 2005


About team DHC2 and tean A 's lesson

About team DHC2 's lesson
I really enjoyed their class. They were good at using gesture and picture.So their class 's key words are gesture and picture.
In the class many gestures and picure were used to understand English. Thanks to gesture and picture students could relax. Relaxing is very important things because people can easy to understand what teather saying when they relaxing. Of course something like a tension need during the class but too much tension make students' thinking freez. Addision to that DHC2 didn't be shy when they gestured. I think that point seemed easy at first but when we tried to that we feel it is more difficult then we thought. Another point , about the picture is way of using picture( cards). They prepared words and picture card and mixed them when we practice . If we did the class almost the same as text book we couldn't application. Using cards as DHC2 is easy to make application and enjoyable.
Game had a something improvement. The game were practice for "Do you have ~?"and "Yes, I do. I have ~." There are not "NO, I don't ." So it need a little impovements. But the game was interesting and it was first time for me to experienced such a game in the English class. I think the game can be use effectively if we add more something.

About team A 's lesson
Their good point is asking student .They asked Mr.Naim that he remind about last class 's lesson at first. Review is very important things. I think many teachers tend to care about text book and go ahead. I can understand why they will do so because there are many things to teach and time is limited.But learning is heam up certain knowledge.Some certain knowledge is effctiver than many uncertain knowledge to learn. Team A asked he that did he realize something after the short play.Then he answered what we want to teach. Asking such a things is also important .Thanks to that teacher can make the class creary and effectively. Class is not for the teacher but for the students so asking student is very important things.However it have problem to do that.It taken too much time if we tryied to check all the student and stream of the class would stop. Team A's class also stoped sometimes when asked him.To do the class smothly we think more idea about way of asking, saying.
Improvement point is same as I wrote before, way of asking.Mr. Naim seemed a little confused when they asked suddenly.I think advice or say something agree with him comments are need when asked.

Sunday, June 05, 2005


About team T's lesson

Tean T's lesson had many good points. Especialy I liked way of repetition. I repeated not only one patern . They used like chants, short play, asking someone and pointing a board which was written the phrases. Repetation is very important but usually it would be boring because it take too much time to repeat same phrase. In this lesson, also pointed specific phrases but very interesting because used such the many way and they didn't take so many time in each patterns.
Additoin to that it was easy for me to understand what they want to teach because they used Jpanese. Thanks to using Japanese we didn't need so much time for expect what they do. This point make the class smoothly.Of couse using English is important to develop student's hearing ability. But I think in that case , it will be a little difficult to see whether the students understand the lesson or not.If teacher want to get the students certain knowledge , they should use mother tongue.
A point which it could be improved is way of using print. I think print which they made was very good because it has many devices. For example there are illustration and blank spce in a sentence to memorise key words. These are very good points. The problem is after writing, how to check the answer. In the class they didn't let a student answer at first and they give answers by themselfs.I think pointing a person is better because students seemed lazy when they realize teacher don't points someome. If teacher want to consentrate the class ,pointing some student is better.
These are my opinion in team T's lesson.

Sunday, May 29, 2005


About the grammatical elements

When I was junior high school student I hate 現在完了、継続、過去経験 and 関係代名詞 such as which,when, where,who,whom. Now I almost understand those grammatical elements but not completely. In Japanese about the time such as 現在完了,経験 are very easy and we don't care as grammer( It means we use these gammar so natural.) so I could't rebuilt that words in Japanese at first. I sometimes confuse that how I use have, had ,過去分詞、be動詞. In Japanese "~していた” could means 過去、過去経験、現在完了.We usually gess what the word mean by atmosphere or outline of the story , but in English a word like have,had are very important bacause if we missed these word , the sentence would be change the meaning.
About the 関係代名詞 is almost the same reason. We don't care so much in daily life in Japanese.In addittion to that Japanese and English is opposite about using words. For example '昨日私が買った" will be" A book which I brought yesterday." This grammatical defference is make me confuse and I thought English like a puzzle when we learn English in the first time.
These reasons are why I think these grammatical elements are difficult to understand. As a teacher,I think same grammatical elements are difficult to understand for the students. We usually compere with mother tongue and 2nd language. So we difficult to understand when we meet new view and categoly.
In contrast 比較 was easy to understand for me because it have regulation and points are simple.The points are verb and the words such as than or of. The verb change regulaly ,~er or~est and some verbs which cahnge reregular are not so many.So I could understand easily.
I think grammer can't understand at one time .We gradually understand through writing and reading , speaking and seeing many English sentence. So as a teacher it is important to make a chance which students experience English as possible as he can.

Sunday, May 22, 2005


About the class

Last class told me a lot of things. First I want to talk about good points.
Repetition, Picture, Praise are key words the class. We could see repetition when they pratice how to say number . They repeatedly said number and pointed some number at the end.I think it is important things to memorise because sound is not forget easily than we thought such as music.Next keyword is picture . They prepared humbergers and juice,money picture. I interested in money picture. They prepared 10yen,100yen. These cards are good for adds and it can use when practise the several numbers. The class they didn't use the cards so much but it useful to teach number. Third,I want talk about praise . When they let students speak the number,they said"exlent"or"good"and other praise words after student said. They use not only one phrase. Studfents seems disappointed when they realise teacher use same words. So use several words is very interesting thing.
The class also have some provememt points. First is how to use text and pictures. I think they could use more that. In the text some examples about humbergars and they had pictures. I think role playing by using them is also interesting for the students. Second is aplication. The class we pointed how to say number. In the text book ,however show what to say when we want to buy humbargar.Such as 『~,please』or 『Here you are』 are also important phrase in daily life.
Third is about volume of voice.If they spoke more big voice the class would be smoothly.
I have some questions. Which is better using only target language or using target language and mother tonge when teach new language ? It seemed difficult to understand what we said for the foreign students. But at that time we couldn't speak their mother tonge.In this case what we should do?

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